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Welcome to UP! UserPortal ERP

UP!ERP is the latest generation of modular, flexible and multifunctional management system. It offers you an integrated view of the various activities of your enterprise and develops timely and efficient solutions. UP! Userportal is the ERP that allows you to finally have all the data you want in one single integrated system.

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The advantage of TangramTechnology UP! Userportal ERP

The TangramTechnology takes its inspiration from the Tangram puzzle game whose chinese name means "seven boards of skill". Combining the 7 tablets you can get an almost infinite number of shapes. With the same philosophy, UP! Userportal provides a set of modular structures that, combined with each other schemes and customizable attributes, can create an infinite number of enterprise management environments without having to create additional codes or modules.

Value services

A staff of professionals for a pre and after sales consultation is at your disposal to make your ERP project a success from the outset.


Management environments tailored to the specific management of a particular commercial or productive business category satisfying more complex needs and processes.

10 reasons to use UP! ERP

Configurable - Verticalized - Modular - Can be integrated - Secure - Evolved - Simple - Flexible
- Scalable - Multicorporate – Multilingual

UP! Userportal ERP simplifies everything, even the own versioning. 

Available in two versions, UP! and UP! Enterprise offers all the advanced features necessary to meet the needs of each company.

Contact us and find UPs! licensing in cloud. Some configuration examples:

  • UP!
  • Administration
  • Document management
  • Organization
  • Business terms
  • Logistics
  • Basic production
  • Service regarding the A-X-CLOUD
  • + INFO!
  • Basic UP!
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Product structure variants and rules
  • Requirement planning / MRP
  • CRP / scheduler based
  • Lean Production (Kanban)
  • Service regarding the A-X-CLOUD
  • + INFO!

iPad Apps

In collaboration with partners such as Info-Team, UP! extends its functionality on the iPad thanks to Team Suite, a family of app developed on a native iOS environment.

Why Aldebra

  • About us +

    ALDEBRA, IT SYSTEM INTEGRATOR works on your side to make your enterprise successful Read More
  • Our Services +

    A certified and highly competent staff and partnerships at the highest level with leading IT manufacturers and over 30 years of experience in system integration are the first elements that distinguish our value services. But it is the high level of satisfaction expressed by every of our customers that distinguishes our proposal.
  • Skills +

    Constant training activities, technological upgrading, spread throughout our team of consultants and application developers, and high experience together with our customers are fundamentals that distinguish our expertise. The collaboration with our technology partners and projects with our customers are the basic ideas to develop further knowledge on this field.
  • Service and support +

    A team is dedicated specifically to the Customer Care for a Help Desk service that quickly resolves any issue related to our technological solutions. Efficiency, timeliness and effectiveness of the interventions are our top priorities. Your satisfaction is our goal.
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  • We had a problem regarding the coding of our products due to the high variability of their configurations. Thanks to the flexibility of UP!, we are able now to meet the needs of the market, generating and parameter specific encodings in total autonomy Read More
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