UP! Production

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It is central to the planning and operational management of production regarding the traditional batch and that by contract or systems:
- Structure of merchandise (separate / parametric cycles)
- Structure of product rules
- Cost of standard industrial
- Production orders
- Pickup of merchandise - Picking list
- Income of passive job
- Availability analysis
- Requirements Planning - MRP
- Production orders
- Capacity Requirement Planning - CRP
- Open orders - MPS

It is central to the operational management of production and for the definition of cost structures. Defining the composition of structured products, indicating the elements that constitute them as well as the steps required for the processing of each assembly and management of information related to productive needed resources.
  • Are you the manager of the technical department? +

    You can define the organization plan in order to encode and insert the parameter, determine the organization structure of the product (assemblies / components / phases) and determine the parameters of the lay-out regarding the factory. You can choose the method of analysis of the actual and estimated costs and implement periodic evaluation.
  • Are you the director of production? +

    Are you able to define patterns of production orders and contracts, the methods and progress of the different phases regarding orders, the patterns concerning the production planning, scheduling parameters, methods of management the c / work and the treatment of final costing. Are you able to make plans regarding your major production, support documents (pick lists, production-sticking, etc..) and the treatment of non-compliance and production statistics and theyr respective evaluation indexes. You have the tools to analyze and report indices, delays and deviations, as well as to implement a periodic analysis of the costs and therefore find the most appropriate strategies for improvement.
  • You are responsible for planning? +

    You have the tools to draw up production plans and implement various hypotheses of coverage by activating methods of MRP. You can select covers and generate production orders. Check the production capacity by enabling methodologies CRP and generate operational documentation. You will also be guided through the analysis of deviations and delays by generating periodic reports and indices.
  • Are you the department head? +

    You can issue specific documents (withdrawal lists , reports of production, data processing, document c / work), advance them and check the gaps and delays.
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