UP!ERP is a Microsoft .NET technology based solution. A right choice to allow simple integration with others third parties application like Microsoft's software, web parts, internet applications. UP!.ERP is able to offer the full exploitation of the new hardware technologies (such as 64-bit and multicore processors), operating systems and databases.

With UP!.NET you will gain:
  • Reliability
  • IT data security and protection
  • Integration
  • Evolutions.
Thanks to .NET, UP!ERP gains a new GUI with high usability and efficiency.
So UP!ERP is intuitive, simple and really easy to use. All users gain productivity, job satisfaction and a better quality service to end user.

Same samples about the UP!ERP real advantages:
  • easy and high speed data access;
  • easy data retriver and information editing;
  • easy customizable menu;
  • rapid data entry with key functions directly by keyboard;
  • access anywhere and anytime with User login;
  • integrated Ipad apps.