The ALARM module allows you to enter the verification features concerning the data of the system UP! and of other databases. The results are reported to Up! users on the Dashboard UP!. Net. The tool concerning the information analysis (ALARM) is designed to alert users of UPs! information system. Net of situations that you may want to monitor. The situations that have to be monitored in an enterprise can be very different, and the ALARM module allows you to define, configure, and administer the relevant alarm message. ALARM also allows each UP! user to send an alarm or a notification to other users. Moreover, through UPs! framework you can also access the ALARM module by third-party applications.

Allows you to plan any kind of verification activated by the system through writing software procedures. The data can be found in UPs! data bases or other external data structures making this a module of unlimited virtual potential.

The generated alarms are stored and managed by a System administrator and can therefore be analyzed in order to derive specific solutions regarding the Information System.