In Japanese, the term kanban means card or tag. Each card or kanban identifies a product or component and indicates where it comes from and where it needs to go. Kanban manages automatically the daily work orders, allowing the workers to deal with and overcome the difficulties of developing improvements regarding the system.

In the software development scenario Kanban is seen as a software development methodology. Using Kanban enterprises can benefit from the:

  • Elimination of overproduction
  • Increased flexibility what concerns responding to the customer demand
  • Information system linked to the production will be simplified
  • Greater integration regarding the process chain which involves suppliers to Kanban UP! customers.

Kanban in UP!
This module is an extension of the 'Consumption elaboration and allows you to calculate the number of Kanban which need to be assigned to an article, starting from the consumption derived from the stock movements having the flag "managed for Consumption" = "S". The requirements are:
1. Defining the containers in which to store the items. Each container will be associated with a card (Kanban)
2. To calculate the number of necessary Kanban and its consumption of a certain period of time
3. Applying the values gained from the elaboration to the article so that the following supplies can be defined