Versions & Licensing

The plan of licensing UP! Userportal foresees only two versions and only one category of users, whose services included changes depending the type of installation, depending if it is on the local server or on service AX-CLOUD.

Two versions  

  • UP!

  • It includes modules for managing business areas concerning the accounting, logistics, organization and production.
  • UP! Administration
    • General ledger and VAT
    • Budgets
    • Fixed Assets
    • Withholding
    • Analytical
    • Financial
    • Standard budget and commercial
    • Management control
  • UP! Organization
    • Document management
    • Terms and conditions, discounts and agency
    • Packing List – Shipping Plans - Billing
    • Configurator of commercial variants
    • Plans for sale (Provisional Orders) MPS
    • Active income
  • UP! Logistics
    • Master Data
    • Movements
    • Management of stocks
    • Inventories
    • Availability Analysis
    • Plan coding rules and variants
    • Management articles variants
    • Cost Analysis
    • Locations
    • Lotti/Matricole
    • Commercial configurator
  • UP! Production
    • Product structure (distinct / different cycles)
    • Industrial standard costs
  • +INFO!
  • UP! Enterprise

  • A full ERP version that extends the basic version of UP! integrating it with all the necessary forms for the advanced production management with orders of MRP and CRP.

    With the Enterprise license you will have all the power and flexibility you need to grow your business with a competitive edge.

  • UP!

  • UP! Administration
  • UP! Organization
  • UP! Logistics
  • UP! Production
  • UP! Advanced production
    • Structure of product variants - rules
    • Advanced billing of materials
    • Generation of operational documents
    • Data processing
    • Analysis of variances
    • Production Orders
    • Product pickup - picking list
    • Passive income business
    • Requirements Planning - MRP
    • CRP
    • Actual resources
    • Actual production orders
    • Actual materials
    • Algorithm basic scheduler
    • Lean production (kanban)
    • Management of technical documentation
  • + INFO!

Two types of installation  

  • Licensing based on concurrent user: UP! handles simultaneous an access of users in order to saturate the amount purchased by the customer. Users authorized to access can then be greater than the maximum possible meeting budget constraints. There is an annual maintenance fee.

  • Licensing with a license count on a concurrent user. The computation foresees a monthly fee which includes every single item needed for the functioning of the management. On both sides on the application side and on the infrastructure / system support. There are no additional fees. The service also includes the first level of phone support.

In addition to the two main versions, UP! Userportal also offers three additional optional modules to enhance the management processes of your enterprise.

LINKER. Designed to optimize access by remote users with limited administrative rights or consultation. Linker allows agents, franchise operators or operating locations with limited autonomy in administration to access the business information system of the headquarter without the need of full right licenses. For this module there is a count for single user access with a nominal annual fee.

UP! MOBILE: The version of UP! built on Windows CE platform suitable for tablets, or logistics management with which you can access the central database and optimize the consultation procedures, loading and unloading data and operate across the order-entry. UP! MOBILE is also available in the SDK, which is the native development kit to provide maximum support to the customization and to cover specific needs regarding the Mobile.

UP! ALLARM: UP! ALARM: Make UP! ERP proactive thanks to a management reporting of signaling events. You have processes or situations that you want to monitor or manage by specific alarms or notifications? You can activate UP! ALARM, a motor processing software with which you can insert verification functions on the data of UP! or other databases. Users UP! Userportal will be informed of specific particular situations identifiable thanks to the parametric configuration of the messages. ALARM is a module with a specific counting license and a relative annual fee that also allows each user of UP! to send an alarm or a notification to other users. Through Up!s framework you can also access the form ALARM also by third-party applications.