Vertical solutions for wineries. Bottling and selling wholesale and retail wine! Even cloud!

The management of retail wine takes on a new flavor! Find out now!

WINE UP! is the ERP solution for successful companies that bottle and sell wine and alcoholic beverages through retail and wholesale.
Wine UP is the result of a constant analysis and evolution of our customer requests, as well as innovative features offered by the platform Up! Userportal in WINE-UP! You can find the specific features included in order to fulfill in the best way possible the typical needs of the wine industry. Examples are the high flexibility and scalability that characterizes the process of coding and creating master data products which can be associated with characteristics and attributes such as:
• the type of wine
• vintage
• the type and form of container (0,75, 1l, etc.)
• the name (designation of origin, protected geographical indication ...)
• subject / not subject to quality control
• type of container (bottle, carboy ...)
• type of capsules
• type of label (front, rear, side ...)
• type of plug (plastic, cork, crown ...)
• characteristics (still, sparkling ...)
• type of wine closures
• back label type

WINE UP! is also able to prevent the encoding of all possible combinations and to allow the code structure definition of the articles at multiple levels.

Logistics, sales, purchasing, records and reports ... all instruments are part of a new concept of vertical solutions.
This is just the beginning! WINE-UP! offers specific solutions to manage the lists of purchases and sales and the resulting processes and documents.
The logistics has been fully adapted for the sector, with manual handling and / or automatic, whether connected or not to the sales / purchases, like to any potential assets of bottling.
Wine UP! manages the traceability and cost of raw materials, by the constitution of the masses to the finished product, thanks to a virtual map of the cellars. It is therefore possible to easily go back to the history of performed work (cuts, decanting, add-ons, etc..) Or manually store the chemical analysis of various masses and view the historical trend.

Do you have a warehouse complex? No problem. WINE-UP is the solution!
To manage through the new technologies your warehouse can significantly improve the quality of your business and increase your competitiveness. Create labels and electronic coding, using latest generation tablets of mobile devices integrated with your ERP or handle situations with more stores: with WINE-UP! everything becomes simple and fast. 

Bottling or Income / third parties? Everything is under control.
WINE-UP! operates with high scalability and flexibility the activities regarding the accounting of the third parties and the bottling with their relative work orders. Thanks to the statistics and parameter assignments typical of UP!, each process or used resource can be monitored and governed even remotely.

Do you have any agents or retailers? Manage them with the iPad and UP! Mobile
The management of the sales network has never been easier: with WINE UP! to organize information for agents and to trade throughout the territory is extremely easy. Thanks to a series of statistics the calculation is simple and the sales statistic is easily consultable and updated The agents / retailers can implement a remote access with UP! Mobile with which they can query data, upload orders or consult deadlines.
In addition, you can integrate UP! with the application of Sales Team ®, which enables the collection and processing of orders by the agents with the comfortableApple iPad.

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