• Are you the Managing Director? +

    You are able to define the structures of the different chart of accounts that you want to use in your enterprise and determine and analyze the various types of accounting and model them. You can define and examine the types of reclassification and fiscal indicators, analyze the tax reporting, define the receipts and payments, prepare the amortization methods and evaluate the plans. You are assisted in establishing the methods of the administrative block of customers and suppliers, in implementing locks and unlocks documents, in analyzing and consolidate reclassifications and budgets and implementing strategies for improvement.
  • Are you the chief administrative officer? +

    You have an effective medium at your disposal that helps you to structure services (VAT rates, currencies, exchange rates, ...), the plans of the accounts, the administrative information of customers and suppliers. The tool gives you the possibility to implement the manual accounting and to control the one that comes from the automatic flows (active, passive, financial). You can also prepare and check the tax reporting (VAT complaint, liquidation, journal, ...), define operations on recipients. You can set up the receipts, payments and withholdings, periodically define the provisional liquidations and ENASARCO calculations, assets transactions, amortization schedules (simulated and actual). Implement with agility adjustments (accruals, deferrals, ...), do offsets, changes of manual analytics, arrange periodic reclassifications, financial statements and indexes.
  • Are you the financial manager? +

    You are guided in the choice of the most appropriate strategies to define relationships with lenders, you are able to quickly analyze deadlines of assets and liabilities, the cash flow of the company, to prepare bills of banking assets and liabilities, optimizing circuits to subsequently activate them according to the various flows (receipts SBF, collection, factoring, RID, ...). You checks and reconcile the bank statements, you dispose of home-banking and financial budgets and check their deviations and implement appropriate adjustments.
  • Are you the controller? +

    You can define your budget the analysis of your account charts and reversal policies of costs and revenues. You check out the movements of the automatic and analytical deviations. You are able to implement policies for improvement.
  • Are you a sales agent? +

    By interacting with the database via the web you can place orders, verify at every time and place the situation of your orders, materials, production and shipments, check your revenue and the commissions.
  • Are you the purchasing manager? +

    Are you choosing the most appropriate strategies to define the buying groups and the decision tree, to determine the terms of trade (price lists for items and suppliers, with the different conditions) and the conditions of discounts (discounts / surcharges for items / suppliers with the different conditions). Are you able to select the information associated with the various documents concerning the purchase (purchase requisitions, requests for quotations, orders, delivery notes, invoices, ...) and define the flow of it (how an open order is submitted and generates an executive order, ...), and finally to determine the status of the various documents and conditions of the orders (proposed orders, confirmed to the supplier, ...). You can choose the document layout of the front office, retrieve statistical information and summaries of passive flow, implement locks and unlocks of commercial documents, periodically check the statistics and indexes, as well as your budget concerning your purchases and implement strategies for improvement.
  • Are you the officer of the purchasing department? +

    Are you able to prepare the supporting documents (price lists, discounts), to update business information of the suppliers and those regarding the articles of personal data, including technical and business cards, pictures, etc.. You can insert documents (offers, orders, quotations, etc.) and advance them. You have the power to detect the non-compliance of suppliers, in order to turn on the quality of your business flows. That allows you to regularly produce statistics and indexes.
  • Check the arrival of the merchandise or invoice payable? +

    You can define how the arrival of materials, methods of aggregation of orders arrived on DDT and moreover establish quality checks on incoming materials, and finally save these documents (DDT suppliers, restitution of damaged merchandise, c / work ...).
  • Are you the account provider work? +

    You will receive orders in a telematics way orders / technical files /drawings so that you will be able to advance the phases of c / work and generate DDT regarding the material.
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